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My Erotic Bunny
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“Fuck!” Tom growled. “Oh fucking fuck! Here it comes Bunny! Here it comes! Take my load!” Thomas arched his back and drove his cock as deep as he could possibly get it. Bunny felt it jump and spasm and convulse inside her and she kissed Thomas fervidly while pushing her hips up to accept his seed. Mr. B’s balls tightened and the first jet of semen shot from his dick. Thomas shuddered again and Mr. B saw his giant scrotum lift and pulse as Thomas filled Bunny with jizz. Again Thomas roared and again his sac lifted and throbbed. Bunny was sobbing as she climaxed again on Tom’s cock as Tom bellowed wild animal noises and injected her with blasts of his potent sperm.  Mr. B stared awestruck as Tom thrust deep again and discharged yet again. Thomas’s bull gonads swelled and spurt yet again. Thomas howled at the moon announcing his total conquest. Another contraction and Thomas pumped another surge of ejaculate into Bunny, this time, finally, with less force than the last.

Mr. B gazed at Bunny’s stretched pussy lips and the tight seal they formed around Tom’s cock. He’s so big around not a drop is escaping!

At last Tom slowed and stopped, collapsing in a sweaty heap on top of Bunny. She embracing him fully, running her hands over his back and shoulders, tangling her legs with his. They lay like that for a long time as Thomas and Bunny caught their breath. Thomas kept his fleshy spear embedded in Bunny, using it as a plug to keep her filled with every drop of cum. He deflated somewhat but was still bigger around soft than most men hard. Bunny was in no hurry to separate and softly kissed Thomas on his lips, his chest, and his face, soft, tender kisses he returned.

Mr. B waited as long as he could stand but finally he spoke, hiding his emotions, trying to sound upbeat and casual. “Maybe we should get dressed and head home Baby?”

Bunny looked over at him seated in the chair and looked for signs of anger or jealousy. She saw none so she answered honestly, her voice ragged and tired. “I don’t know sweetie…the night still feels young. We are here now and things are going so well. We may never have a night like this again. Maybe we can stay for a while longer?”

“Okay,” was all he said.

Bunny’s response was a kick to his stomach but he did not show it. His brain was doing cartwheels! Thomas had placed a familiar hand on Bunny’s hip while they were talking and Mr. B wanted to scream at him to remove it. Tom slid it softly along Bunny’s flesh. That’s my precious wife! You just came inside my beloved wife and she wants to spend more time with you!

Bunny broke into a huge smile. “Thank you baby,” she said and whispered something intimate to Thomas that Mr. B didn’t catch. Tom nodded and lifted his hips away from Bunny’s, languidly pulling his long cock out of her. It flopped down and Bunny’s tight pussy promptly closed behind it, sealing in Tom’s semen. Bunny crossed the room on wobbly legs. As she walked, Mr. B saw her hips swaying and her messy hair, he watched her big breasts bounce and thought about the flood of semen her womb at that very moment contained. Bunny knelt and kissed his hand. “You okay?” she asked.

Her concerned eyes melted Mr. B. He leaned over and kissed her lips. “Yes baby, I am now. Thank you for checking on me.”

Bunny saw love for her in his eyes and her concern drifted away. “Tell me you love me,” she said.

“I love you,” Mr. B answered. “Tell me you love me.”

“I love you with all my heart Baby. “

The young married couple beamed at each other.

Bunny spoke; “I can’t believe we actually did this honey. I can’t believe this is actually happening.”

Mr. B nodded his head. Thomas was approaching and his solid, meaty cock was slapping his thighs as he crossed the room and Mr. B stole a glance at it. That beast was just inside my wife, he thought, all the way inside her. He came inside my wife’s unprotected womb. Mr. B tried to feel rage but couldn’t. He wasn’t angry. Jealous, yes, but somehow that added to his excitement. His penis lifted a little. Bunny and Thomas both noticed and smiled.

“I think that means you are both staying for a while,” Thomas grinned, putting his arm around Bunny’s shoulder. “Leave your clothes here. Nobody will bother them. Let’s walk around and I’ll show you the rest of the club.”

Bunny squealed and clapped her hands. “Oh my god honey,” she said. “Let’s do it! Let’s walk around the club naked with Thomas! All these people will see us nude. That’s exciting!”

Mr. B smiled weakly and rose from his chair. Thomas steered Bunny towards the door, his arm still around her shoulders, and a small drop of his cum trickling down her inner thigh.

As they left the room they passed through the people outside. Mr. B was surprised so many people were just standing around. When he looked back at the room he understood why; now that the light was on the entire room was visible. What he thought was a mirror was actually one-way glass. Everyone standing there had seen everything that had happened. They had seen Mr. B grip Tom’s cock, they had seen Mr. B spread Bunny’s legs and offer his wife’s pussy to Tom. They all knew Thomas had fucked Bunny. They all knew she was filled with his cum. Mr. B blushed furiously.

Mr. B followed closely behind them as they made their way through the crowd, noting how the throng parted before Thomas. Clearly they knew him. From this angle he couldn’t be sure but it seemed as if Bunny kept stealing glances at Tom’s prodigious swinging manhood as they walked. As it lurched back and forth she seemed a little hypnotized by it. She glanced over her shoulder a few times to make sure Mr. B was still behind them, smiling with child-like excitement each time she did. Mr. B was sure to return her smile.

Thomas knew exactly what he was doing. Gorgeous, sexy Bunny under his arm, he strolls the club like a king. Even if they hadn’t been part of the crowd that watched it, word had spread about the epic fuck upstairs in one of the mirror rooms. Bunny felt like a celebrity as everyone said hello or nodded their head as they passed. Beautiful women came up to Bunny and kissed her on the cheek and gave her a hug. Nobody had ever done that before! Bunny was thrilled. She loved being treated like this.

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Bunny gulped. “Oh my god baby, are you sure? Is this okay? Are you really going to do this?”

Mr. B nodded slowly and lifted his lips for Bunny to kiss him, and kiss him she did. Bunny poured all her affection and devotion for Mr. B into that one kiss. Mr. B pulled Thomas forward again and when his cockhead pushed into Bunny, Bunny broke the kiss and exhaled.

“Ooooohhhh my fucking Christ! Fuck! I can’t believe it!” Bunny exclaimed then quickly looked down at the joining of her body to Tom’s. The sight boggled her mind; another man is inside me! Sweet Christ Almighty what am I doing?

Thomas wore a smile from ear to ear. Now, at last, his onslaught had begun. The incredibly sexy girl he had first seen all those hours ago was now spread open before him and by her husband no less. Thomas fed her another inch and then withdrew a bit before pushing back in deeper.

Bunny was losing her mind. Seated on her husband’s lap and holding on for dear life Bunny opened her legs even wider, offering Thomas her practically virginal married pussy.

Tom relished the moment, savoring her complete surrender and really, Mr. B’s too. Tom told Mr. B to reach under Bunny’s knees and pull her legs back to open her wider and Mr. B complied. Now Thomas was able to invade Bunny fully. Soon he had worked his imposing cock all the way in to his enormous balls. Bunny was writhing and clawing and wailing on Mr. B’s lap. Thomas pressed the head of his phallus against Bunny’s cervix and held himself there, his full body weight pinning Bunny in place. When Bunny started gasping and ranting about the incredible sensations Tom’s cock was giving her, Thomas just smiled and held himself still. Moments later, without moving his colossal cock at all, Bunny lost her mind in a climax more powerful than any she had ever experienced before. Tom waited for her to come back down and when he sensed she had, he began to gently saw his shaft in and out of her pussy.

Bunny turned into an animal.

She loved sex and she especially loved sex with her husband. In their time together Mr. B had made her feel things she didn’t know she was capable of feeling.

But this man inside her now, this Thomas whom she had met only a few hours ago, this Thomas who was now balls deep inside her, this man was teaching her that her whole body was wired for pleasure. Bunny’s universe began at her filled cunt and radiated outward leaving room for little else. With each piston thrust of his cock Thomas jolted Bunny, send waves of astonishing pleasure streaming through her. He held Bunny’s hips in a vise grip and at that moment the only thing that existed in Bunny’s mind was Tom’s immense and hammering cock.

Mr. B started to wonder if he had made a mistake allowing this to happen. Bunny had her full weight leaning back on him now. She had given herself to Thomas completely. Mr. B was shocked how Tom’s cock was doing to his shy, conservative wife. When Bunny climaxed again Mr. B hoped for a second that might be the end of things and they would now go home. But Bunny had other ideas and so did Thomas. They didn’t even slow down. Mr. B held Bunny’s legs open, offering his wife to Thomas to use as he saw fit until his arms began to ache. Bunny had orgasm after orgasm, including one that seemed to last for several minutes and left Bunny just a rag doll lying on his lap. Thomas continued to pound her tender little body.

Then Thomas told Mr. B to let go of Bunny and he planted his legs and scooped Bunny up into his arms, taking her away. Without allowing his cock to slip from her, Thomas carried Bunny over to a padded dais and laid her on her back. Bunny looked up at him and held his face, gazing romantically into his eyes. Mr. B was shocked to see the amount of passion and affection there. Bunny wrapped her arms around Tom’s neck and pulled his face down to kiss him. Their amorous embrace stabbed Mr. B through the heart and he had to look away.

Bunny reached down and found Tom’s huge balls, hefting them in the palm of her hand. They spilled over on all sides. She smiled a wicked, knowing smile and Thomas returned it. An unspoken understanding passed between them. Mr. B saw it and he understood too, dread filling his heart. He knew he should say something. If what he suspected was right, he should not allow this to happen. This would be a whole new level. His young bride was on her back with her legs wrapped around the waist of another man as he fucked her and Mr. B was allowing all of it to happen, but surprisingly he had not consider the moment of Tom’s orgasm. Until now. He needed to say something, to draw a line. He was the husband. He needed to establish a rule.

But he didn’t. Why did he remain silent? Every time he was about to raise his voice in protest, somehow the scene in front of him rendered him mute. Bunny never looked so sexy. Her big tits were bouncing every time Tom drove his cock into her, nipples screamingly erect. Her forehead glistened with the sweat of her exertions. Her arms were entwined around Tom’s neck and her legs around his ass. Her heels pulled him in and drove him deeper on every thrust.

Thomas adjusted and drew his knees up closer to Bunny. Mr. B knew it would not be long now. With this new position Mr. B saw Tom’s gigantic testicles crashing into Bunny’s ass repeatedly. From beneath Tom Mr. B heard Bunny climax yet again. In spite of himself, Mr. B curled his fingers around his semi-erect penis and began to jerk. He hardened, shocked at his own arousal.

Thomas leaned into Bunny with all his weight, long-stroking her with every piercing stab. Bunny urged him on, kissing him ardently. On every stroke Thomas withdrew until just the tip remained inside her and then buried his shaft all the way to the balls. She felt him fill her entire body and not just her pussy.

Tom drew a sharp breath and Bunny kissed him fiercely, hands on either side of his face. Mr. B wanted to look away but simply could not. He had to see it. He perversely wanted to watch Bunny go all the way with this handsome older man. His hand was a blur on his penis even as Tom’s hips jack-hammered his loving wife.

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Bunny turned and looked at Mr. B expectantly. Mr. B hesitated, and then caught sight of the three of them in the giant mirror. Nothing in his young life had prepared him for the sheer erotic power of that image; Mr. B seated, Bunny, his young bride, completely nude and sitting on his lap, and Thomas, a handsome older gentleman, also nude, facing them both, his massive cock hanging right in front of Bunny. Mr. B sat paralyzed trying to take the whole scene in. Bunny followed his eyes and when she saw it she gasped. Thomas smiled. He knew exactly what these young kids were looking at behind him.

Wildly aroused now, Bunny turned her head and kissed Mr. B again and again. When she turned back, Tom’s face was there. She hesitated until Mr. B whispered behind her that it was okay. Bunny took a deep breath and closed her eyes, offering her mouth to Thomas. Tom brought his lips to hers and an electrifying kiss jolted them both. Bunny kept her lips pressed to his for a long time, returning passion with passion. Their tongues met and swirled. Mr. B wrestled with jealousy watching them but he also found it exciting. When they finally parted both were gasping for breath. Bunny was trembling. Thomas had begun to grow again and this time he leaned his hips forward too.

Mr. B held his breath.

Thomas brushed the tip against Bunny’s mouth.

Bunny pursed her lips and kissed the head tentatively, unsure of her boundaries and her skills. Mr. B reached up and lightly stroked her hair and, encouraged, Bunny parted her lips and sucked on the very tip of him. She wanted to do a good job.

Watching from behind Mr. B saw her cheeks rolling and knew she was trying to insert her tongue into the hole of Thomas’s cock. Thomas moaned.

With her eyes closed she swirled her tongue all around the head, slowly taking more and more into her mouth. Thomas was just too big for her to get very much but that didn’t stop her from trying, sucking and gagging on his thick shaft as her tongue whipped the crown. Thomas moaned again and thrust his hips forward. Bunny was attacking his cock. Placing both hands on her head he forced a little more of his cock down her throat each time he flexed his ass. Eventually Bunny had to catch her breath and pulled him out, panting.

Tom’s cock now stood up on its own, the first third of it glistening with Bunny’s saliva. Bunny turned and kissed Mr. B pushing a salty tongue into his mouth, shocking him. Bunny was moving her hips against Mr. B’s dick, sliding her labia up and down his stiff pole, painting him with hot juice. I’ve never seen Bunny this excited, he thought.

While Bunny was kissing Mr. B, Thomas knelt and brought his spear right up to Bunny’s cunt. Mr. B’s penis blocked the opening but Thomas didn’t care, using his prick like a club he nudged Mr. B out of the way. Aware that Thomas had moved Mr. B looked down to see Thomas was between Bunny’s thighs and lining himself up. Bunny lay back on Mr. B with her eyes closed, panting, ready for whatever was to come next. Mr. B was riveted by the inevitable penetration of his wife, desperately wanting to see it and desperately wanting to pull her out of the way.

A battle raged inside him. He was surprised Bunny was so willing to take things this far and for reasons he did not understand that thought excited him greatly. Thomas’s cock dwarfed Bunny’s little pussy.  Tired of the voices battling in his head, Mr. B silenced them all by rationalizing that tonight was different, that he and Bunny would be adventurous just this one time and come tomorrow, everything would go back to normal. They would have a memory of one crazy night in Vegas and that would be that. Mr. B immediately felt better. A decision had been made. He knew now that if that’s what Bunny wanted, he was going to let Thomas fuck his wife and the thought inflamed him. Refocusing his eyes Tom’s hulking spear was poised outside Bunny’s pussy, about to thrust home. Suddenly Mr. B realized Thomas was completely unprotected.

“Wait!” He barked. “Condom! You need to put on a condom. Sorry, I got caught up and almost forgot.”

Thomas smiled and looked Bunny in the eye. “Is he right pretty girl? Is that something I need to do? You want to stop and leave this room and go find a condom? You want to lay here on your husband, standing by until I return?”

Bunny looked down at the two cocks resting outside her pussy; Thomas, big and thick and hard as a rock, and Mr. B, about half as long and half as thick, shoved to the side and out of the way by Tom’s bulky shaft. Bunny knew she should stop and protect herself, especially since she wasn’t using any birth control, but she didn’t want to stop. Her empty pussy was crying out to be filled. Thomas leaned in and rested the head of his cock against her lips, splitting them, twisting them with weight of his cock.

Bunny gasped. Just the tip of Tom’s dick created pressure on her pussy and the pleasure was immediate and intense, with a promise of more to come. Bunny let her head fall back against Mr. B’s chest. Thomas eased in another quarter inch and waited. 

“Goddam it!” Bunny cried, biting her bottom lip. I can’t, I mustn’t…I need to stop. But he’s soooo close. I can feel him opening me up and I want more…

Bunny’s thigh started to tremble.

“What do you want to do, baby?” Mr. B asked her, confident she would make the right choice.

Bunny chewed her lip. Her pussy had never been so horribly empty. She wanted to scream.

A long, tense moment passed where nobody made a move.

Finally Thomas spoke: “Let your man see it happen,” he said. “Show him what you want. Let him watch you accept it.”

Bunny opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling. “Okay,” she breathed. “Do it…I want it. Honey, spread me open. Help him.”

Mr. B sagged. His cherished new bride had made her decision. He took a deep breath.

“Tell me you love me,” he told her.

“I love you baby. I love you with all my heart.” Bunny replied sincerely.

With that Mr. B reached one hand down between Bunny’s legs and using his fingers, spread her labia. Her wet and shiny inner-lips gleamed. With his other hand, despite his trepidation, he reached for Thomas and grasped his bulky cock at the root, pulling him forward. 

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The blonde woman spoke: “Ah, now we begin to see…now we begin to understand. Thomas has something Bunny wants that before tonight she did not know she desired. Now that she’s seen it, nothing else will do. You could gather your clothes and take her home and she’d never speak of it again but it would always be there in her mind. She would always wonder about tonight and so would you. Better to be brave and see what you can discover.”

Bunny drew a ragged breath listening to the woman expose her soul and aimed beseeching, apologetic eyes at Mr. B.

So, thought Mr. B. There it is. There is the truth of the matter. My wife does want this man. She’s just afraid to say anything that will hurt me.

He looked at Thomas who now sported a crooked smile and knowing eyes to go with the heavy tube of flesh jutting up from his hips. There was something about this man, Mr. B thought. He is easy to like. He has a raging hard-on for my darling Bunny and yet instead of rage I feel a little pride. This man could have any woman here and he chose mine. What is it about him that makes me want to avoid disappointing him?

This man had captured them both; young, innocent, newly married couple inches away from a huge cock and balls. Mr. B looked at it too now, along with Bunny.

Thomas stepped closer to them and Bunny stepped back between Mr. B’s knees. Thomas stepped forward again, his thick cock bobbing up and down and when Bunny tried to back up once more, she bumped into Mr. B.

Thomas reached down and wrapped his big fingers around his shaft and pumped a few times. Bunny and Mr. B watched him do it and when he stepped forward one last time, Bunny sat down on Mr. B’s lap. She immediately felt Mr. B’s erection poking her in the back so she adjusted and brought him up between her legs, resting vertically in her slit. For a split-second Bunny considered lowering her pussy onto her husband now erect penis but something stopped her. He could just as easily slide it into me…but he hasn’t. Why isn’t he pushing his dick into me? He is waiting to see what happens next just like I am.

Bunny was breathing hard. Her hands were on Mr. B thighs and her back against his chest. She brought her legs together, trapping Mr. B’s penis against her pussy. Thomas took another step forward, bringing his cock within inches of Bunny’s face. Bunny turned her head to the side and kissed Mr. B passionately, their tongues dancing in their mouths. She broke the kiss and held his eyes.

“I need to know what’s okay baby. Tell me what I can do.”

“Touch it,” he whispered, and Bunny turned to look into his eyes.

“Baby, I don’t know….are you sure?”

“I don’t know….I think so. Do you want to?”

“I do, but I don’t want to hurt you or make you angry. I’m really turned on and I’m afraid that’s clouding my judgment…that’s why I want you to make the decisions.”

Mr. B nodded he understood her and dropped his hands to her thighs and began to spread her legs. Bunny looked down at her soaking wet swollen pussy. As Mr. B spread her legs, her bald labia also parted, revealing to the entire room her true state of arousal. Obviously soaked, Bunny blushed and tried to close her legs but Mr. B held her open. After a moment of panic, Bunny relaxed and they kissed deeply and passionately again.

When they finished kissing, Tom’s cock was there. He was as long as Bunny’s arm from wrist to elbow and just as thick. His huge hairless balls would have over-flowed Bunny’s palm. Mr. B watched as Bunny studied it intently, like a curious child.

So different from my husband’s, she speculated. Bigger…much bigger…this one radiates power and authority. I’m embarrassed but I can feel my female brain wanting to submit to it. I never knew big could make such a difference.

She turned her head and gazed at every square inch, careful not to touch it. The more she looked at it, the more excited Mr. B got. The sexual tension, already in the stratosphere, began to climb again as Bunny burned Tom’s gorgeous cock into her memory.

“You can touch it baby,” Mr. B reminded her. “I’m right here. You’re safe.”

Bunny looked into his eyes searching to see if he was angry or disgusted with her. All she found there was love…and lust.

Bunny roiled with internal conflict and strife.

“Oh my god honey, I want to so much. This whole night is fucking crazy…but I’m afraid to…He’s so big baby…I want to but I’m scared…I don’t know what is okay. This is freaking me out…maybe if you help then I’ll know for sure it’s okay, then I’ll know it’s what you want too.”

For a moment Mr. B didn’t understand what she was saying.

“I’ll follow wherever you lead, husband.”

Comprehension dawned on him gradually. If Bunny meant what he thought she meant, he was about to get really uncomfortable. He glanced around at all the people watching; suddenly he was too shy to act.

Thomas understood instantly and knew what to do. “Follow me,” he ordered. Without questioning, they did.

Seconds later they stepped into one of the glass-walled booths. Because the room was dark, Mr. B did not notice the one-way glass. Once inside, with the door closed and locked, Mr. B looked around and discovered the entire back wall was a mirror. Thomas grabbed a plush chair and motioned for Mr. B to sit in it ‘after you strip like us’ he added, which Mr. B did. The total privacy of this room made him brave. Now it was just the three of them. Mr. B relaxed and smiled at Bunny.

Next Tom walked Bunny backwards until she was once again on Mr. B’s lap facing outward. This time Mr. B lifted her legs and placed them outside his own, spreading Bunny as wide open as she could get, then he brought his hands up her stomach and cupped both breasts, tweaking the nipples, boldly offering them to Thomas. Let’s see how far Bunny is willing to go. I wonder what she’ll do.

Bunny moaned feeling decadent and slutty, surprised Mr. B felt comfortable enough with Thomas to display her like this.

Finally, Thomas stepped up between Mr. B’s legs again, bringing his soft, hanging cock inches from her face.

“Now, where were we…?” Thomas asked, a half-smile curling his lips.

Is this sex club real? I'm from Vegas and would love to go to a place like this my wife would too ;)

Have you been to The Green Door? 

Hi :) Great blog! So hot! Im wondering, whats bunnys favorite girth measurement?

As I’ve mentioned in other posts, Bunny enjoyed an 8 inch diameter for a while. She went bat-shit crazy on it. 

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Bunny looked up at Mr. B and gradually he began to understand. Bunny would never, ever cheat on him or betray him but desire was consuming her. Her whole body and mind were inundated with pure lust but unless he said okay, she would not leave his side. Mr. B’s mind reeled; she’s suggesting I give Bunny to that man!

The blond woman left the redhead to continue without her and came to crouch by Mr. B and Bunny. She lightly stroked Bunny’s hair from her face.

“So pretty and so young,” she murmured. “You did not expect this tonight, did you?”

Bunny shook her head.

“But now the Dark Angel in you has awoken. Now you hunger for it. Your body and mind crave it. You have never experienced the need so powerfully and it frightens you.”

Bunny nodded her head.

The blonde woman lifted her gaze to Mr. B again.

“Give her permission,” she stated. Mr. B tried to lick dry lips with a dry tongue. He glanced at the man in the chair staring, still, at Bunny. Then, almost against his will, his eyes traveled to the man’s extraordinary equipment. For the first time he allowed himself to imagine Bunny there, between this man’s legs, sucking and licking his huge cock and balls like the red-haired woman was doing at that very moment. The image scared him, made him jealous, and yet also strangely excited him.

What the fuck is wrong with me? He wondered. How could I possibly be okay with that? Could I be okay with that?

As if to answer his penis stirred to life, just a little. Bunny sucking my dick doesn’t make me hard again but the thought of Bunny sucking HIS dick does? Have I completely lost my mind?

Bunny noticed Mr. B was growing and looked at him confused. That woman is suggesting Mr. B let Thomas have me and that idea is making Mr. B hard?  I do not understand that at all.

The blonde woman rose and crossed over to Thomas, took his hand and led him back to stand directly before Bunny. Bunny shied away as he approached but once again fixed her gaze upon his heavy phallus, swinging side to side as he walked. The blood rushed to her cheeks and pussy.

The blonde woman helped Bunny to stand and then moved behind her, lowering the zipper on Bunny’s skirt. Bunny waited for Mr. B to say something and Mr. B waited for Bunny to say something. When neither of them protested she tugged the skirt down to Bunny’s ankles. Mr. B was dazzled; charming, innocent Bunny was standing before a room full of strangers, stripped down to her little pink panties.

All eyes were on her and while she felt horribly exposed, she also felt terrifically excited. A quick glance around the room showed Bunny that everyone was watching her. When her eyes finally came to Thomas she lowered them to stare again at his equipment. Why do I keep doing that?

Mr. B watched her face as she stared. Bunny was mesmerized and for reasons he did not understand, that excited him very much. The more Bunny stared at the man’s cock, the more aroused the man became. As everyone watched the enormous shaft began to slowly rise, filling with blood. The man looked at Mr. B and smiled.

“I’m Thomas,” he said and extended a hand and Mr. B shook it. “Your wife is breathtaking. I cannot take my eyes off her.”

Mr. B forced a chuckle and tried to sound cool. “She apparently feels the same way about you.”

“Let us hope so…”

The blonde woman knelt and hooked her fingers into the waistband of Bunny’s panties. Drawing them down with deliberate slowness she gradually revealed Bunny’s smooth, hairless pussy to the room. Bunny’s skin was so hot she thought she would melt or catch fire. When the panties reached her feet, Bunny stepped out of them. They blonde woman collected them and the skirt and stepped back leaving Bunny and Thomas completely nude and facing each other. From his seat behind her, Mr. B saw Bunny’s legs trembling.

Tom’s cock continued to rise and moments later the head came up between Bunny’s legs, bumping her labia. Bunny moaned and turned her head to Mr. B.

“Baby,” she said, her voice strained with tension, “are you okay with all this? I’m freaking out on the inside.”

Mr. B swallowed hard. “I don’t know Honey. I’m jealous but also excited. I love seeing you like this but I’m scared. Every time I catch you staring at Tom’s cock I get so turned on but then when I think of you actually touching it I get terrified.”

“Oh Baby, I feel exactly the same way…what do we do?”

Mr. B glanced around the expectant room. The crowd had grown and all eyes were on them.

Tom’s veiny dick was almost completely erect and was bouncing in time with his heartbeat as he gazed at Bunny. He held his ground, waiting patiently. He had no way to know for sure but his gut told him the night was not yet over.

The blonde woman circled around to the back of Mr. B’s chair and lowered her mouth to his ear.

“Look at your sexy wife,” she whispered. “Look how all the others want her. You want her too, yes?”

Mr. B nodded a quick jerk of his head.

“Yes, of course you do. She is exquisite. Thomas wants her too, yes?”

Mr. B nodded again.

“But now look at your lovable, innocent wife….whom does she want? Be honest. Be brave…”

Mr. B looked at Bunny again. Her erect nipples and swollen pussy lips showed how turned on she was. But turned on for whom? Mr. B thought back to the looks these two had exchanged, like they knew each other, and wondered what exactly was happening here.

“Baby,” he asked, “Do you want him?”

Bunny turned to look at Thomas again and that now familiar excitement ran through her. She turned back to Mr. B, afraid to answer. 


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Bunny was unprepared; Mr. B never climaxed that fast. Before she had time to think about it she was gulping his salty load. Mr. B bounced in his seat as he pumped his hot jizz down Bunny’s throat. All too soon it was over and his penis began to shrink. Mr. B apologized to Bunny for cumming too fast but what could he do? Bunny had surprised him. When Bunny let his deflated penis slip from her mouth Mr. B stood and pulled up his pants. Bunny crawled into his lap, frustrated, disappointed and inflamed, telling herself to wait a few minutes and she would return to normal. Bunny lay curled in an exasperated and unsatisfied ball on Mr. B. She wrestled with slipping a hand down her pants and finishing herself off or waiting until they got home and Mr. B recovered enough to fuck her.

I can’t stand it, she thought. I need to cum right now! The wild sights of this place plus Hot Thomas are just too much. Dammit Mr. B! Why did you cum so fast?

Bunny reached her hand down, across her stomach, under her panties. Just as her fingertips made contact with her clit, a familiar rich scent reached her nose.

I know that cologne! Thomas! Bunny sat up and looked around, scanning the shadows. Mr. B asked her what was going on but she didn’t answer. Behind a pillar she thought she saw a familiar shape moving in the darkness. She looked down at her exposed tits and looked up again, smiling at the shadows. She couldn’t tell if anyone was actually there but what the fuck, he might be. Next she cupped both of her firm breasts and teased each nipple; leaning her head down, she sucked one into her mouth and twirled it, leaving it glistening in the low light. Then she did the same to the other.

In the gloom Thomas watched her and rubbed the front of his pants. Bunny was so sexy and he wanted her so badly. His eyes traveled every inch of her, loving the strong shoulders and hint of abs, the big expressive eyes, and the long, thick, chocolate hair. Bunny was exquisite and she was taunting him, teasing him even while seated on her husband’s lap.

Mr. B tried to see into the dark space where Bunny seemed to be looking but saw nothing. He wondered what she was doing. Then he saw the same man he had seen earlier step into the dim light.

Thomas lifted a chair and placed it out away from the wall so Bunny could see him. He removed his shirt and shoes and socks, then his pants, placing all into a neat pile by his chair. He was deliberate and unhurried. He stood now in just his tight boxer briefs, a monstrous bulge absurdly tenting his underwear.

Mr. B chuckled. “I think that man really likes you,” he told Bunny. “Maybe you should blow him a kiss before we leave.” He looked at Bunny as he spoke and saw she wasn’t listening to him. He followed her sight and saw her eyes were fixated on Thomas. Suddenly uncomfortable, Mr. B shifted in his seat. “Honey,” he asked. “Who is that guy? Why are you looking at each other like that?”

Before Bunny could answer a blonde woman emerged from the shadows and knelt before Thomas. Bunny was not the only woman in the room interested in him. Thomas never took his eyes off Bunny, even when the woman began kissing down his stomach and pulling down his briefs. When she pulled them low enough, Thomas’s plump cock tumbled out and swung back and forth. Next his balls were revealed and Bunny caught her breath. Thomas’s balls were over-sized plums resting in a smooth fleshy sac. They belonged on a bull, not a human. The weight of them pulled them away from the shaft but not too much. The woman at his feet went straight for them, swabbing them with her tongue and lips. Bunny was jealous then chided herself; she was a happily married woman!

The woman tilted her head back and opened her mouth and gulped tom’s cock down her throat, like a sword swallower, turning and adjusting and working until her lips were pressed against the root of his shaft. Still he never looked away from Bunny. As the woman began sliding her mouth up and down Tom’s shaft, everyone watching saw him thicken.

“Why is he staring at you like that Baby?” Mr. B asked. Bunny gulped and finally tore her eyes away from Thomas. She looked up at Mr. B, her face glowing with desire. Desperate, she rubbed the front of Mr. B’s pants.

“Baby,” she whimpered, “I want it. Get hard for me husband, I need you to fuck me.” Bunny kissed Mr. B passionately, trying to will his dick hard. Mr. B unzipped and pulled out his soft penis. Bunny plunged it into her mouth and sucked on it franticly. She tried not to look at Thomas again but slowly her eyes came up to his. With Mr. B’s soft penis in her mouth she watched the woman work on Tom.

He’s gorgeous, Bunny thought, and his cock and balls are bigger than any I’ve ever seen. She sucked harder and reached a hand down to rub her clit. She could not remember a time when she was more excited. I can’t believe all this is really happening. Come on Mr. B! Get hard! I need to be fucked!

Mr. B tried to get an erection but his recent orgasm with Bunny had drained him. Her mouth was pure magic and he closed his eyes and dropped his head back. He had left Bunny frustrated and he knew it. He also had a fear lingering at the back of his mind at the way this man and Bunny seemed to know each other.  Opening his eyes he looked down at Bunny’s head bobbing up and down in his lap and discovered Bunny was looking at that man again as she sucked. Mr. B looked over at the man too, discovering he was now seated and another woman, a redhead, had joined the first. Both women were crouched at the man’s feet, licking and sucking his cock and balls.

The blonde woman took a break from her oral worship to turn and speak to Mr. B.

“You shouldn’t be so selfish,” she said, speaking with a light French accent.

“I’m sorry, what? Are you talking to me?” Mr. B responded, surprised.

“Of course I am. Look at your wife. You see the desire on her face. Are you blind to what she craves and you cannot give her?”

Mr. B looked down at Bunny again; one hand under her waist band teasing her clit, face flush, breathing ragged, her brow furrowed by lust and worry. Bunny’s nipples were so erect and swollen they were bright pink.

“This man has two women worshipping his cock yet he only has eyes for your wife. Because you are a man you don’t know what that is doing to her but as a woman I can tell you and trust me, it fills her with fire on the inside.”


Vegas sex club part 2 of 14

When she exited he was still waiting there to take her back but first she was interested in exploring a bit.

Upstairs was much more private and intimate, full of tiny alcoves and dark, hidden, secret places. Thomas walked her around showing her every nook and cranny. Bunny was impressed with how clean and well-maintained the club was. At the back there were three small rooms built for about four people. The back wall of each room was one-way glass so people on the outside could see in but people on the inside could not see out.

As they passed the middle room they saw a gorgeous nude white woman standing sandwiched between two muscular equally nude black men, her head thrown back as the men kissed her neck and breasts. The woman wore a beautiful diamond wedding ring but the men did not. Bunny gasped. Thomas leaned over and whispered into her ear.

“Let’s watch a minute shall we? Then I’ll take you back to your husband.” Bunny nodded, unable to speak and Thomas moved up close behind her. “She’s beautiful,” Thomas said, and Bunny nodded again, “although not as beautiful as you. Her husband has no idea. He believes she is spending time with a sick friend.  He is oblivious to his lovely wife’s cravings.”

Bunny felt heat rising off of Thomas and his rich cologne drifted past her nostrils. She breathed it in. In the room each man took a nipple into his mouth. Goosebumps rose along Bunny’s arms and chills went up her spine. Thomas lowered his lips and kissed Bunny’s nape, trailing kisses. Before she realized what she was doing she leaned back against him, feeling his firm, fit body. Thomas molded his body to hers as they both watched the threesome through the glass. When his erection pressed Bunny’s ass, she involuntarily pushed back against it.

Jesus! Is that all him? Bunny wondered.

Inside the room the two men separated from the woman and their penises were revealed for the first time, both standing firmly erect. Butterflies fluttered in Bunny’s stomach as the men lowered the woman to the padded dais in the center of the room and began using their mouths between her legs, one sucking her pussy and the other tonguing her ass. Bunny saw the woman grip a penis in each hand and slowly pump the men.

Enthralled, Bunny reached behind her and wrapped her fingers around Thomas and squeezed his dense shaft through his pants, shocked when her fingers did not meet on the other side. Thomas groaned low in his throat and the sound broke the spell. Suddenly Bunny remembered Mr. B waiting for her downstairs.

Apologizing profusely and thanking Thomas for his help, Bunny hurried to the stairs and returned to Mr. B’s side, shaking her head and wondering what the fuck she had been thinking. Mr. B asked if there had been a long line and Bunny assured him there had.

The young married couple wandered the club for a bit and Bunny secretly led them towards the stairs. She waited for Mr. B to notice them and suggest they go see what was upstairs and when he did she quickly agreed. As they explored they soon came to the three rooms at the end and Bunny held her breath; the threesome was still in full bloom but Thomas was nowhere to be found. Disappointed, Bunny scolded herself. I am happily married goddamn it, I have no business thinking about men other than my husband. They watched the ménage à trios until both of them were breathing hard and warm all over. When Mr. B came up behind Bunny and pressed his body against hers, she reached back to squeeze his cock just like she had Thomas, a little crest-fallen when he fit easily into her hand. Oh for Christ’s sake Bunny, get over it. Size doesn’t matter that much anyway.

Taking Mr. B’s hand she led him into a dark and secluded alcove. Next she nudged him into a chair and dropped onto her knees between his legs. Mr. B smiled. From where he sat he had a perfect view of the threesome through the glass. This place is fucking hot, he thought. We need to come here often.

Bunny unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants and fished out his rapidly growing erection. Without a moments delay she sucked the head into her mouth and swirled her tongue all around the crown. Mr. B was in heaven. He lifted his ass and pushed his pants to his ankles and Bunny attacked his balls with her lips as soon as she saw them. Neither of them noticed Thomas move up in the shadows to watch. Bunny’s skirt rode up her legs, exposing a little pink triangle of lace over her delicious, inexperienced pussy.

The more Bunny sucked her husband, the hornier she got. Everything about this night stoked her flame. From the alcohol now flowing in her veins to the visual buffet of the club to Thomas and his big cock standing so close, Bunny was now aroused and knew it. I don’t care if anyone sees us, she thought. She forced her husband’s cock into her mouth and massaged it with her tongue. Mr. B felt a tightening of his balls and thought if she didn’t slow down she was going to make him cum way too soon. He loved that the club had gotten to her so much. He had caught her looking at other men’s penises throughout the night and it had strangely excited him. He was miles away from the idea of Bunny actually touching one of those men but still, he loved seeing her behave sexually like she was right now.

Bunny embraced the rising tide of lust within her. Everything had been building all night and now with this hard penis in her mouth and the idea that anyone walking by could see her sucking dick, her arousal was threatening to explode. Fuck it!  She thought and stopped long enough to whip off her top. One deft flick later and her bra joined her shirt in a pile on the ground. Now Bunny’s big tits swung free, bouncing to the rhythm of her head bobbing on Mr. B’s dick.

Bunny’s move caught Mr. B totally by surprise.  He glanced around to see who might be watching them and saw a tall gentleman in his forties and two younger couples standing in the shadows watching them. When Bunny pulled her top off the excitement was too much for him to take. He loved the idea of all these strangers feasting their eyes on his hot, topless, cock-hungry wife. Before he could stop it his hips bucked and his balls clenched and he shot a blast of cum into Bunny’s sucking mouth.

Vegas sex club part 1 of 14

Early in their relationship, before either of them had discussed fantasies or what turned them on, Bunny was surfing the internet and saw an ad for a swingers club in Las Vegas. She clicked the link and perused the site for a while growing increasingly agitated and nervous. Do people really do things like that? When she heard Mr. B get home from work she quickly closed the site and started looking at pictures of kittens.

Later that night as she and Mr. B were lying in bed talking before falling asleep, she asked Mr. B if he had ever been to a Vegas swing club. He said no but they sounded intriguing. Bunny was silent so he asked her why she was asking…did she have some curiosities about them? Bunny said no, she had just seen an ad earlier that day and that got her to thinking. When she offered nothing further Mr. B let it go.

Two months later they were driving home from a party at a friend’s house and their route took them past one of the biggest swing clubs in Vegas. Mr. B pointed it out to Bunny and she stared at it; the busy parking lot, all the people dressed so sexy, all the taxi’s pulling up and dropping off.

The light at the intersection was red so Mr. B stopped the car and waited. Before it turned green Bunny said if he was interested, she would like to see the inside of the place… just so she would know. “I do live in Las Vegas after all… I should know a little bit about the underworld nightlife…”

When the light turned green Mr. B turned the car around and parked. They made their way to the lobby and paid the cover, rubber-necking the place like tourists. The hostess asked if they had ever been before and when they said no, she offered to show them around. Bunny was glued to Mr. B’s side; nervous and worried but also curious. Would they actually see people doing it right out in the open? The thought was exciting at the same time slightly disturbing.

As they moved through each well-appointed room the hostess explained the rules and how things worked; no means no, respect everyone, have fun. In the darkness she showed them the orgy room and the Jacuzzi, the showers and the lockers. She showed them the couples-only area and introduced them to the giant bouncer that enforced that rule. It was early and so far they hadn’t seen anyone doing anything. There were plenty of people but everyone still had their clothes on and were sipping drinks and watching each other.

Finally the hostess finished the tour and said have fun and Bunny and Mr. B settled into a booth with a couple of drinks. Mr. B asked Bunny if she was ready to leave now that she had seen the place but she said no, let’s give it some time to see what happens. They sat and chatted for over an hour. Finally Bunny said she was ready to walk around some more and Mr. B ordered them fresh drinks to take with them.

This time when they got to the orgy room there were several couples going at it. One woman laid on her back as three men feasted on her breasts and pussy, while in another corner an older man sat in a plush chair while two women had their faces buried in his lap. Bunny’s temperature rose and she squeezed Mr. B’s hand. The man in the chair locked eyes with Bunny and placed his hands on the backs of the women’s heads, guiding them up and down his obscured penis. Bunny could not look away, even when the man began breathing hard and arching his back as he pumped his cum into their waiting mouths. Bunny was shocked and disturbed. He should have been looking at those women while he climaxed but he just ignored them and stared at me. Why did he do that?

Bunny moved closer to Mr. B and, tugging his hand, left the orgy room. Now as they walked around the club they saw people engaging in sex everywhere they went. Bunny was troubled and fascinated at the same time. Time after time she had to drag her eyes away from a scene that was unfolding right before her. At last they made their way back to another booth and ordered another drink. Bunny was flustered, a rosy glow in her cheeks. Mr. B asked if everything was okay, did she want to leave? No, Bunny answered, let’s just stay a little longer.

As they sat and talked Bunny let her eyes drift around the club. There were a lot of attractive people, she had to admit. To think this goes on almost every night, just a few miles from my house and I never knew it. Bunny took another sip. Mr. B gave Bunny a peck on the lips and excused himself to use the restroom.

As soon as Mr. B left, a man slid into the booth to take his place. Bunny was startled and started to inform him that she was married and her husband would return soon but before she could the man started talking. He introduced himself as Thomas and told her he only needed a few seconds. He told her he thought she was easily the most beautiful woman in the club and in fact, one of the most beautiful women he’d ever seen. Bunny wasn’t buying it at all but it was still delightful to hear. The man was well dressed in suit and tie, tall and lean, probably in his early forties, with short salt and pepper hair and blue eyes. Bunny thought he was handsome and in the few minutes they spoke, she also found him charming. He kissed her hand and excused himself before Mr. B returned.

Bunny and Mr. B talked another hour and then Bunny said she wanted to tour the club again.

Now the place was busy. Every room had something going on and sex was everywhere you looked. Bunny became quite flustered. The alcohol she had consumed, first at the friend’s party and now at the club, as well as all the raw naked human sexuality on display had her feeling a little light-headed. She announced it was her turn to use the restroom and excused herself. Mr. B said he would wait right where he was for her.

When she got to the ladies room of course there was a wait. She’d been in line less than a minute when Thomas approached and began talking to her again. This time she was cordial and he had her laughing in no time. After a while he asked her if she was waiting to use the ladies room and when she answered yes, he took her hand and told her to follow him, he knew of a seldom used lavatory on the second floor. For a moment Bunny was confused…second floor? You mean all of this debauchery was just the first floor? Thomas laughed at her expression and said yes, there is much more to this place and led her down a hallway to a set of stairs, then once upstairs pointed out the ladies room with no line. Bunny thanked him profusely. 



We love how you play the angst perfectly. That little war that rages inside the man while his woman is with another. Great ebb and flow of feelings.

We see that someone complimented your impregnation writings. How far back do we need to look to find those?

Thanks again

Yikes! I’m not sure…I’ve posted them from the beginning but only sporadically and only recently felt comfortable to really share 

“Oh for fuck’s sake Honey, be patient. He shot it way up in there. Give it a minute. I swear you’ll see him drip out of me…”

“Oh for fuck’s sake Honey, be patient. He shot it way up in there. Give it a minute. I swear you’ll see him drip out of me…”

“He was inside me two nights ago and I can still feel him Baby. Holy shit his dick was thick…can you still picture him inside your wife Honey? He was so hard and stiff it felt like he was turning me inside-out. I’m still tender. You know some of his semen is still inside me, right?” 

“He was inside me two nights ago and I can still feel him Baby. Holy shit his dick was thick…can you still picture him inside your wife Honey? He was so hard and stiff it felt like he was turning me inside-out. I’m still tender. You know some of his semen is still inside me, right?” 

One night in front of the fire my husband and I were drinking wine and discussing past relationships. He asked me who, other than him of course, had been the best I ever had. I answered truthfully that my most recent ex, Taylor, the man just before him, was a fucking big-dick stud. We disagreed on everything except sex. We fucked all the time. Then I maybe went a little too far and mentioned that I our relationship ended after Taylor got back from a long business trip and we had a big fight. The relationship had been so sexual it felt weird to end it like that. When we split we hadn’t had sex for almost a month and then suddenly it’s over. I jokingly told my husband it left me without a sense of sexual closure. There was an awkward silence and my husband got real quiet so I changed the subject.

The universe is a perverse and capricious bitch. Six days later my husband and I are watching a movie and I received a text. I glanced at it and put my phone down but my husband saw me and he asked who it was texting so late.  So I told him. I hadn’t heard from him for years but he texts me tonight?

We were both quiet for several minutes so I asked him if he was upset or jealous. He didn’t answer but instead took my hand and led me to the bedroom and proceeded to fuck my brains out. I came five times in two hours! But the last orgasm was the best by far. In fact, it was one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had.

My husband had me on all fours, repeatedly driving his fat cock as deep as he could get it when he brings his head right up against mine and asks me, “If I gave you permission to fuck Taylor one last time, would you take it?” I was shocked! A million answers flipped through my brain but nothing came out. My husband kept pounding me mercilessly, hammering me with his cock like he wanted to punish me. His balls were slapping my clit on every thrust and pushing me higher and higher.

Then he leaned down again pushed it in with all his weight, deeper than he had ever been before and whispered into my ear, his voice strangled with raw emotion; “I used your phone while you were in the bathroom and text him back. He’ll be here tomorrow night at eight o’clock. I’ll leave and wait at the pub until you text me to come home.”

Then he held my hips in his hands like a vise and beat me into submission with his rock-hard cock and I came like a fucking slut all over him but didn’t stop there. Before the first orgasm had finished another wave reached up and slapped me and the room spun and I screamed my insane pleasure into the pillow and blacked out for half a minute….

My husband and I silently snuggled up to each other in the warm cuddling afterglow. Before I could get up the nerve to ask the question, my sweet husband answered it; “just so you know, yes, I really did. Taylor will be here at eight o’clock tomorrow night, and yes, I’m really leaving the two of you alone…”

My mind raced, one thought drumming my brain over and over; Taylor is going to fuck me again, Taylor is going to fuck me again, Taylor is going to fuck me again…

I lay there on the floor in utter anguish for at least fifteen minutes…but then something started to happen to me. As the shock wore off I realized she was having him send me these pictures. Somehow that comforted me. I felt like she was trying to involve me. She could have just disappeared for five hours and then told me about it later but she didn’t. I wasn’t forgotten. This was still something we were doing together. As these thoughts drifted through my head, my penis began to swell until it was so hard it hurt. When the phone buzzed again a few minutes later, I leapt for it and opened the picture immediately.        

She had swallowed his cum! Holy fuck my wife just sucked off a complete stranger mere minutes after meeting him! I was so turned on I started stroking my cock as I looked at the picture. I couldn’t believe it had really happened! With my feet back under me now I fucking LOVED it! I looked again at the picture she had him send. All he knew was that she was looking up into the camera while sucking his dick, but I knew she was actually looking directly at me. I was stroking faster now, more excited than I had ever been before. Before I could stop it my cum was erupting and spraying out of my penis. I collapsed on my back on the floor. Ten minutes later the phone buzzed again, a text from her this time: “Sorry about skipping the condom Baby but I knew I was going to swallow his load so I thought it would be okay. Besides, I REALLY wanted to feel him fucking me bare. I’m on my way home now. Xoxo.”

I worried for a second that since I had just climaxed I wouldn’t be able to get hard again so quick. I thumbed back through the pictures and felt my penis stir. Yeah, I don’t think I needed to worry about that. I was going to jump that sexy bitch the moment she stepped through our door.