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vtfish said:

 What a fantastic ending !!!

Thank you thank you thank you!

A great story! I've never thought of sucking another mans hard cock before and know I can't get the thought of hot cum shooting into my mouth out of my head. Thanks!

Thank you! and, you’re welcome? :-) I crossed it off my bucket list and now with a little time to reflect, I have to say I’d do it again!

Happy Anniversary part 18

An hour later they were still going at it. I had fucked her for a while too and came in her mouth. Bryan had filled her pussy with his massive load and she had spent fifteen minutes using her mouth and hands to worship his mighty cock and balls after and the son of a bitch got hard again.

I stared at his dick; it really was very pretty. I have a pretty penis too, just not nearly as big as his. His smooth skin and perfect taper to a plump head had Michelangelo proportions. Jen caught me staring and smiled, aimed it at me and raised an eyebrow, offering me another chance, in case I changed my mind. I thought about it but stayed put.

When Bryan lifted her up and laid her on her back, I felt my dick stir. Jen looked at him with such feeling. I understand sex for women is different; they almost always have feelings for the man. The three of us had all spent enough time and intimacy together that a close bond had formed. I felt closer to Bryan. I know he did too. Sex changes everything. The crazy thing is, when Jen looked at him with such adoration, desire, lust and affection, I liked it. No, I loved it. It excited me. My dick twitched again and began to grow. I shook my head. How twisted is this shit? I felt pain and fear and jealousy when she gazed at him in that way, and I enjoyed it. I shook my head again and resigned myself to it. I couldn’t explain any of it. We had discovered a new way to turn me on, and turn me on a thousand times more powerfully than anything else. Jen too. She loves feeling desired. She loves attention from other men. We had stumbled into a perfect match of fetishes and I wondered what the future held for us. There was no going back after this.

As Bryan moved between her legs, she spread them for him, inviting him in to her. Her left hand reached for his face and she kissed him and her right hand reached for his immense spear and guided him home. I reached for my hard dick.

Bryan rose on his massive arms and eased himself into the depths of my wife. It was beautiful. It was erotic. His muscles moved like snakes under his tan skin as he pumped his thick shaft in and out of her.

Jen’s hands gripped his arms and her legs slid up his thighs until her heels rested beneath his marble ass, helping him slide in deeper, raising her hips to take his slow and sure thrusts. Their moans filled the room and filled my head.

I moved by his feet. The view was obscene. His great organ stretched her pussy lips far aside. His massive, cum-filled testicles blocked my view, covering her sweet cunt completely, as his last inch sank home.

Slowly, his hips gained speed. Jen moved her hands down to his rock-hard ass and clutched there. She came, hard, but he did not break rhythm or stride, continuing to piston strong and deep inside her. They kissed fiercely. With sure hands he took both her wrists and pinned them above her head, accentuating her full breasts, which he devoured. Her head snapped back and after a minute or two, my wife climaxed again.

I moved around to the side to continue watching, slowly stroking myself. Neither of them noticed I was there but I didn’t expect them to. They kissed again, tenderly. Bryan whispered something and Jennifer laughed softly, nodding her head. She said something back and Bryan smiled and lowered his lips to a nipple. Jen closed her eyes, taking all the sensations he was giving her in.

They were making love and it was killing me but I’d never been harder in my life. I looked down at my dick in my hand and the angry red skin, so taut it gleamed and wondered for the millionth time what possessed me to enjoy this so. No answer appeared. No answer would ever appear. It simple was. I resigned myself to it and decided to embrace it.

When I looked up from my penis I saw Bryan had rolled over onto his back and Jen sat astride him. God, she was gorgeous. Her full breasts bounced with each thrust, her skin was flush and glowing, her long dark hairs in disarray around her face like a halo; she was the Goddess of Lust. Bryan had a giant hand massaging each breast as she ground her hips down on his shaft. I moved to the headboard and marveled at her. When she opened her eyes and saw me she smiled. Our eyes connected and any fear of losing her to him vanished. She was my woman. I saw that in her eyes. She loved sex and loved being fucked and she absolutely loved what Bryan did to her, but she was mine. I moved to the side of the bed and spoke to Bryan.

“You are going to owe me one,” I said.

He looked at me confused for a second until he saw me pick up his phone and push a few buttons. In moments I was recording Jen as she fucked him. He bellowed and Jen acted shy. I circled them, capturing every angle. I zoomed in for lewd close-ups and pulled back for breathtaking panoramas. They really did look amazing together. After ten minutes or so I sat the phone down and climbed onto the bed. Enough contemplation. My dick was hard and needed some tending to. I stepped up to Jen and she voraciously sucked me into her hot mouth. I tangled my fingers in her hair and fucked her face.

“There is one more thing I need to take from you,” Bryan said to Jen.

He lifted her off of him and my dick popped out of her mouth. Placing her on all fours, he lifted her hips up high, and then spread her ass cheeks. I understood and expected Jen to laugh and tell him no way, and especially no way with a dick that big. But she didn’t. Instead, she moaned. She moaned like she had been hoping he would try. I stood there dumbfounded. I had tried several times over the years to conquer her little rosebud hole each time she had either flatly told me no, or we had tried and failed because she couldn’t relax enough.

“Get her wet,” Bryan said. I looked at him. He said it again. Still not comprehending he spelled it out for me.

“Lick her asshole. Get her lubed.”

I started to defend her. I knew she must not realize what he was planning. Just as I was about to speak, she touched my leg. Our eyes met and she slowly nodded, one delicate finger in her mouth, playing with a lip. My mouth opened. I closed it. Jen reached back with both hands and spread her vulgar ass, offering him her last unconquered frontier. I was hurt and excited. I felt slighted and at the same time the same excitement I felt at eighteen when I visited my first all-nude strip club with my best friend John and we saw a stripper spread her legs wide open and stick her pussy in my face. I was tremendously turned on. Jen was a total slut. Not acting like one. No, this was proof positive. Bryan, this trip, possibly even the sight of a cock shooting cum into my mouth, everything combined had shattered the chains of our upbringing and our adult life; Jen was a slut. It was glorious.

I buried my tongue an inch up her anus. She squealed and stuffed her face into the pillow. I licked and sucked and mopped until her sphincter was dripping. Bryan surprised me by nudging my mouth with his erection. I didn’t hesitate. I slurped his fat dickhead into my mouth and swirled it with my tongue until a nice, slippery coat of saliva covered it and part of the shaft behind it. When I let it slip from my mouth, I lifted it and aimed it at Jen’s little eye. I slipped in a finger and Jen moaned, then withdrew it and guided Bryan in, licking them both repeatedly.

To help her relax and take him, I dropped my tongue down and teased her clit. That did the trick. Bryan and Jennifer both groaned at the intense pleasure of their rapidly merging bodies. I left a hand playing with her clitoris and returned my attention to Bryan’s thick, hard shaft, keeping him wet and well lubed.

Bryan’s hands gripped her hips in a steel vise, slowly pulling her back as he fed her his rampant inches. Jen was moaning and groaning into the pillow, repeating over and over “Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God!”

When I returned my tongue to her engorged clit, it was more than she could take. Her orgasm rocked the bed and Bryan and I both and lasted an astonishing amount of time. If her face hadn’t been buried in the pillows her screams would have brought hotel security. As it was, all they brought was some serious pounding from Bryan. I gave her a minute to recover then got back to work on her pussy. By the time Bryan finally shot his massive load of cum deep into her tunnel, she had cum twice more and was a whimpering mass of beautiful flesh. I still hadn’t climaxed again but I decided I would save that for tomorrow, once Bryan was gone and I had my lovely wife all to myself once again.  

In the morning Bryan was gone. He left us each a brief note. To Jennifer he wrote telling her he found her extraordinarily beautiful, inside and out, and he intended to collect on what she owed him. To me he said he envied my breathtaking wife and that if he couldn’t have her, he was happy she was with me. He acknowledged he and I crossed some lines but if I was cool with it, then he was too.

I asked Jen what debt she owed him and she told me that in the shower, when she wanted to watch me swallow Bryan’s seed and he didn’t want to do that, she promised him a date the next time he came to Vegas; just her, no husband. I felt the familiar warmth rise in me, half excitement and half shame, and she chuckled at my discomfort then assured me that no matter what she did with another man, her and I were solid gold and always would be.

We had room service deliver breakfast and talked a hundred miles an hour about everything we had done this trip. I still could not believe I had sucked a man’s dick and swallowed his cum, she could not believe she had fucked a man in front of her husband and even given him her ass. We both agreed our lives would never be the same and the thought was exhilarating. Freedom and fearlessness were our new creeds. We felt closer than ever before and ready to face the future together. 

Happy Anniversary part 17

Dinner went well until Jennifer made the observation that all three of us carried Bryan’s seed inside of them. I blush bright red and hoped to god the two business men at the table near us did not hear her. I asked her to keep her voice down and she grinned at my discomfort. “But baby,” she said. “You did such a fantastic job sucking that cock. You should be proud. By the time you shoved him into me he was harder than he had ever been before. That was the best his cock had ever felt.”

I glanced around nervously as Bryan and Jen just sat there smiling. Under the table my dick began to swell. How can such conflicting emotions co-exist inside one person?  Jennifer was twisting the knife ever so sweetly and loving it. Now that she had discovered how deep this kinky side of me ran, she could not resist playing with it. Under the table she reached for my lap and squeezed my erection. “That’s what I thought,” she said. “You enjoy this as much as I do. Bryan leaves tomorrow morning…maybe we should skip dinner and go to our room and fuck all night?”

Bryan laughed out loud at Jennifer comments.

“I think that’s hot,” he growled. “Fucked up thing for a wife to say, but still hot. I have to admit it makes me feel pretty kingly. I kind of own you two love birds. Me and my big dick conquered you both. Jen’s right. Let finish dinner and go back to the room.”

Jen beamed. “I’ll show you how to suck dick Baby. You can watch me and learn a few tricks.”

I was surprised Jennifer was playing with me like this. My discomfort was clearly visible. It was hard to argue with the fact my dick was hard again but I didn’t like that she was basing all her decisions about what was okay and not okay on whether or not I got an erection.  On the other hand the idea of watching Bryan fuck her again was very exciting. If you had asked me a week ago if that idea aroused me I’d have told you definitely not. Some things you just don’t know about yourself until you are actually in the situation. We quickly finished the rest of our meal, paid and left.

In the elevator I let them both know I wasn’t comfortable performing oral sex on Bryan again. Chalk it all up to a crazy vacation thing, but now that we have all settled down I know I don’t want to do it again. Bryan shrugged and Jen studied me.

“Baby, are you actually upset? You know this is all fun and games, right? In a few days we’ll be back home to our complicated lives and everything will be back to normal.”

I admit I felt huge relief to hear her say that. She had been leaning up against Bryan, his huge muscular arm across her shoulders, but now she crossed the elevator to me. She softly kissed me cheek.

“Honey, did I go too far? I apologize if I did. We don’t have to do this. Bryan can go back to his room. Is that what you want?”

Now I felt childish. Look at the grownups all comfortable with this insane situation and the little boy with his hurt feelings.

“No Baby,” I said. “Let’s keep going…I just don’t want anything more to go on between me and Bryan. Cool?”

My last word was said looking at Bryan.

“I’m great either way, brother.” He responded. “I got as caught up in all of it as you guys did. I don’t make a habit of letting guys suck my dick…although you were pretty good at it.”

His grin ran from ear to ear. I blushed again.

“I understand Baby,” Jen whispered, nuzzling my ear. “I just want more of his cock. I love his cock, Honey. You are the only man for me and I love making love with you. Bryan fucks me. Bryan’s cock was made to dominate women. I love the way it feels inside me…”

As she spoke she caressed the front of my pants, feeling my erection swelling there. She knew now where my new buttons lay and she was having a blast pushing them. As she expressed her feelings about Bryan and his organ, mental pictures from the last few days floated into my head. I simply had no defenses against the erotic charge they carried. Watching my wife get fucked, watching her turn into a cock-craving slut, hungry for cum, turned my libido on full blast. I was powerless against it.

The elevator stopped and we all walked in silence towards our room. About half way down the hall Jen let go of my hand and took two quick steps to catch up to Bryan. She took hand looking over her shoulder back at me. My heart sank at the same time it hammered. Fuck. What was I to do? I loved it and hated it. It scared me. I was so afraid of losing her because of sex but even as I thought that I knew it was impossible. Jen simple doesn’t choose a man like that. This shit was deep and primal. We were playing with forces of nature.

I opened the lock as Jen reached up and kissed Bryan right in front of me. 

Happy Anniversary part 16

He held out his hand to Jenifer and she took it, rising to her feet. Bryan picked her up and tossed her over a shoulder, carrying her to the bedroom. I wiped my face and followed.

Bryan and I fucked Jen all night. Just as soon as one of us recovered enough to go again we would push her on her back or stomach while the other kissed her or suckled her breasts. Her most powerful orgasm of the night occurred when Bryan was fucking her from behind while I was licking her clit. My tongue swabbed them both on each thrust and it drove them crazy. When she climaxed she blacked out for several minutes. For a split-second I was afraid we had fucked her to death. When Bryan came inside my wife, my tongue was pressed against his shaft and I felt the blasts of sperm traveling up his hard cock.

The next day Jennifer woke Bryan and me with a blowjob. My dick needed rest but Bryan was a machine. I watched as he filled my wife with his sperm again and again throughout the day.

That afternoon we all showered and Jen and I got on our knees and washed his fat hanging cock and balls together, which seemed to thrill Jennifer to no end. She stood and whispered something to Bryan. He shook his head no but then she whispered something else and he shrugged and nodded okay. She returned to washing his cock and then she rinsed away the suds and aimed him at my mouth.

Sucking him soft was different than sucking him hard. I found I could do more with it, and I was excited knowing he was getting hard because of me. His big dick affected me. It had a commanding presence.  Bryan the man I could take or leave, but his big beautiful cock demanded my attention, and I was thrilled to give it.

My mouth was travelling fast now; up, down, up, down. Inside, my tongue
was swirling and licking. My cheeks were dented from the hard suction I had on him; I was literally trying to pull his cum up from his big, heavy balls. My hands wrapped around him and kept pace with my mouth, pumping, stroking, sucking. Jen reached under and fondled his balls and after a while I heard him warn he was going to cum. I just sucked harder and faster.

A minute later I heard him draw a sharp intake of breath and his cock swelled even bigger and he roared, bracing himself against the shower walls. A hot blast of sperm hit the back of my throat and I swallowed it down…then another and another.

I heard Jen cry out near me and understood she must have been rubbing herself as she watched me suck him and was now coming at the same time he was. She wanted to watch me do this and now that it was actually happening, she was cumming like crazy. My own stiff cock was bouncing in the spray of the shower and Bryan shot another hot bolt of salty jizz into my vacuuming mouth. I sucked and sucked and he pumped another bolt and yet another. I was gulping every drop of his semen and pulling and pumping him trying to get more. A few weaker blasts sprayed inside my mouth and over my teeth and tongue and I gulped those down too. I had expected him to taste bad but he didn’t. He wasn’t shooting vanilla ice cream but it wasn’t battery acid either. He was a little salty and a little tangy and a little slippery. Truth of the matter is he tasted familiar. I was confused until I realized I had already tasted him those few times Jen fucked him without me and then brought her full pussy home and hours later had sex with me. I thought she had just been extra wet.

I felt him begin to soften a bit and Jen reached down with her fingers and formed a ring around the base of his shaft, pulling up as he pulled back, milking every drop of his cum into my mouth. I swallowed the last of him. Bryan collapsed onto the shower bench and Jen reached up and kissed me deeply, her tongue snaking into my mouth where we shared Bryan’s salty fluid.

Jen suggested a group nap before dinner and we all agreed, piling into our huge bed and drifting off into an exhausted and satisfying sleep. 


We love your blog SO much! We were curious if any of the men bunny has been with have tried to swell that flat tummy of hers on purpose? Talked about it before he is with her? While he is inside her? Timing when he knows she is fertile? We only see one couple, have for about six years. Every once in a while he will tell me before we go out that he has been saving himself for me so he has the best chance to make me take his baby in me. I love it! It will happen someday for us I am sure :)

If they did, they didn’t tell us. Bunny and I have exchanged some knowing glances however, when the stud asks, “where do you want it?” and Bunny replies, “As far up inside me as you can shoot it…” , while we both knew there was a chance of impregnation. It’s a risky game but there is nothing like that rush.  

Thanks for the follow!! Great stories!!

My pleasure! Great blog yourself!

Happy Anniversary part 15

Let me just admit this right here and now: I liked it. No, I loved it. My cheeks and back were blushing furiously. My heart was a jack-hammer under my ribs. Bryan’s cock was full and smooth and hot and alive. It pulsed and throbbed. When he moaned it took me a second to realize he was moaning because of me and once I did, a thrill of power shot through me. I swirled the big rubbery head with my tongue. I pushed my mouth as far down the shaft as I could until the head nudged the opening of my throat. Bryan moaned again. I opened my eyes and met Jen’s and we shared as intense a connection as we have ever shared. Behind her eyes I saw triumph and excitement and passion and love.

I immediately remembered every blowjob I had ever received in my life and tried to recreate on Bryan every trick or sensation I had learned. I know this sounds bizarre but when his head fell back and his second hand landed on my head, I felt proud. Life is so twisted! I used my tongue again and fluttered along the shaft feeling a surge of blood under the skin, telling me I had done well. I bobbed my mouth, sucking and slathering and slurping, trying to please him, and judging by the sounds pouring out of his mouth, I was. He held my head steady and fucked my mouth.

Jen pulled her mouth off my dick and together we assaulted Bryan’s magnificent monster. He rested a hand on each of our heads. I held his dickhead in my mouth and Jen sucked on a testicle and looking down his shaft into Jen’s wild eyes was the most reckless and wildly sexual moment of our lives. We were sucking a cock together! We met half-way on the shaft and kissed like we hadn’t seen each other in ages. Bryan pumped his hips driving his dick back and forth between our open mouths.

When Jennifer could not take any more, she kissed me quickly and climbed Bryan like a mountain. She straddled his lap and they kissed and she looked back at me.

“Put Bryan’s cock into your wife, Honey,” she said with a lascivious grin. “Your wife wants to fuck another man. Spread her lips with your fingers and help her do it. I can’t believe all the wild shit we’re doing on this trip.”

I brought his cock up to her engorged pussy lips and helped her settle her hips down and capture him. At the last minute I fanned my fingers across her labia and opened her up for him. As his huge bulbous head made contact, my wife’s pussy lips stretched wide to accommodate his girth.  I pushed down on her hips and drove him deeper.

As my wife fucked him, I dropped down and licked his big balls with the flat of my tongue. Up above I heard him exclaim “Jesus Christ!” We really had him going now. His balls drew up tight to the base.

Jen kept saying something over and over but I couldn’t quite make it out. I stood and leaned in to kiss her and then I heard it; “I love his cock Baby, I love his big cock Baby, I love his cock Baby…”

I wasn’t interested in the rest of his body like Jen was. His chest and arms and thighs held no sex appeal for me at all. Jen loved them and his handsome face too. I have to admit I found his dick fascinating and I loved watching it disappear inside my wife. I compared his to mine, like all men do, and understood Jennifer was feeling things with him she would never feel with me. I’m not feeling sorry for myself. Like I mentioned earlier, my penis is average, maybe even a little more than average, and Jen climaxes on it easily. I knew my dick was adequate and acceptable and after Bryan was gone, Jen would be perfectly satisfied by it. But for right now a godly organ was plowing into her and Jen was experiencing things she had never experienced before. 

After Jennifer came yet again, she caught her breath, climbed off him and joined me between his legs again. She gripped him with both hands and stood him straight up, waiting for me.

The most exciting thing about having his dick in my mouth was the knowledge that I knew exactly what I was making him feel. When I lick a woman’s pussy I have no idea what she is feeling. I must read her sounds and body language to determine if I am doing it well or not. If I happened to be in bed with a deceptive woman, I’d never know what she was really feeling. But I have a penis. I know what feels good and what doesn’t. When I held him in my mouth and sucked hard on the head and he moaned, I knew exactly what he was experiencing. When I loosened my jaw and relaxed my throat and forced him deeper and he gasped with pleasure, my dick got harder from the pleasure I knew I was giving him.

I bobbed slow and smooth, using my mouth and throat like a pussy. I did such a great job. I teased his big balls, tugging on the skin and dragging my nails across his ball sac. My saliva dripped from his shaft and my hand moved up and down him in time with my mouth. Moans and groans poured from him and I knew he loved what I was doing. There was no faking here. I had felt everything I was now doing to him and I knew he loved it.

I found myself wanting to make him cum. Strange as it sounds, I was
eager to please him to the point he lost control and exploded. Would I take it in my mouth? Could I swallow his sperm? Part of me was disgusted by the thought, but a big part of me was excited by the idea. I may never do this again so I resolved I would and I centered all my attention there; licking and teasing and sucking.

Bryan realized what I was trying to do and leaned forward, looking me in the eyes and smiling.

“No you don’t,” he chuckled. “The only place this cum is going is deep inside your wife.”

I hope the part 14 wasn't the last one. It(s so goddamn intense! Especially the last part! Keep up the excellent job man

Hehe…Hang on tight! We’re not home yet! :-)

So I just love how you write erotica! I was wondering however, I know this isn't your thing at all, but you just write so well. I was wondering if you would write a story about a husband,or fb,or fiancé, getting with other women and teasing the wife? Again I know it's not your kink I just think you could probably write an amazing story about it. Thanks again for your work! Big admirer!!

To answer this question properly I’d need the option of private and anonymous doesn’t allow that so, sadly, I’ll just have to tell you no, you are correct, I don’t do the reverse cuckold thing. Sorry love. 

Thank you very much for the encourageing and kind words though! :-)

Your recent story was absolutely amazing. Very erotic.

Thank you! I was worried how it would be received…It is a little scary admitting to the world that you’ve sucked a cock…but the feed back I am getting is overwhelming. THANK YOU for your encouraging words! 

Happy Anniversary part 14

Less than an hour ago I was sure our perfect marriage was over. Now I was on my knees with my wife, an enormous cock an inch from our faces, watching and listening as she confessed her tremendous desire for it and the man it was attached to. She sucked on the head again and quickly leaned in and kissed me. Her tongue was slightly salty.

“Do you want to suck it?” She asked, as she moved the head towards my mouth.


“I think that would be so hot. Maybe you should lick him and suck him and get him hard as steel and dripping wet. Maybe you should prepare him to fuck your pretty wife. Would you like to see what that’s like?”

“No,” I said again, looking down at the thick shaft and bulbous head. The smooth skin was crisscrossed with veins and arteries. Jennifer’s hand looked so small against it. Her wedding ring slid up and down the length as she absentmindedly stroked him. She searched my face, trying to guess what she could get away with or how far she could push it. She brought her other hand up and cupped Bryan’s fat balls, rolling them around with her fingers.

“Bryan wouldn’t give a shit, would you Bry?”


“Honey his balls are so big and full and hot. That first night I was shocked at how much cum he pumped into me. I had to let my pussy drain before I got back in bed with you. I was afraid you’d notice. I masturbated next to you in bed that first night. I had to have more. I’m drawn to this cock. I would get so turned on if you were too. Suck it. Make it hard so he can fuck me with it. ”

As she described her infidelity my temperature rose. I wanted to feel hurt and angry but all I felt was excitement. As she revealed each sordid detail my dick grew harder. I just loved imagining her slutty, I loved knowing my wife was such a sexual creature.

“The next time baby, when I went to his room while you were sleeping, I crawled up on his bed on all fours and offered him my married pussy. Face down, ass up. He attacked me and I loved it. Honey, this man right here fucks like a God. I love his big dick baby. I love his powerful muscles. He radiates fuck.”

She slipped him back into her mouth and sucked him deep. I watched for several minutes as my wife tried to make him cum using her mouth and hands. She stopped a few times to kiss me and I noticed each time she did her mouth was closer and closer to his dick so I had to lean closer and closer. The last time we kissed Bryan’s shaft was resting against my cheek. I knew what she was doing and she knew I knew it. She was waiting for me to react, to chicken out, to blow up, angry, telling her she’d finally gone too far. As long as I didn’t she would keep pushing the envelope. Bryan had no problems whatsoever. His dick was getting sucked by the hottest woman he’d seen in a long time, maybe the hottest woman he’d ever had. His desire for her was obvious from the moment these two saw each other.

He also seemed oblivious to me. There was nothing remotely gay or even bi about Bryan. He was so supremely confident in his heterosexuality that my face that close to him didn’t bother him in the least. I’m sure lots of gay or bi men hit on him on a daily basis. He’s a handsome stud. He seemed to take everything in stride. Could I say the same about my confidence in my sexuality? Jennifer had made it clear she wanted me to suck his cock, preparing it to fuck her. Could I do that? Did I want to or would I just be doing it for her?

Jen locked eyes with me as her mouth traveled up and down Bryan’s dick and I saw that her eyes were laughing. Not a derisive or mocking laughter, but laughter of abandon, laughter of adventurous, capricious joy.

She stood and led Bryan and I by or dicks over to the couch. She seated him on the sofa and placed herself and me between his huge thighs on the floor. His balls hung down the front and his shaft arced gracefully up from his lap; a thick, smooth tube of sensitive flesh. She returned to sucking him then turned to me for a kiss. She used her trick from before again and each time I kissed her my face was a little closer to Bryan’s dick. I found myself studying it. I was envious. I wished I had a dick like his; one that women would fall in love with and masturbate themselves to sleep thinking about.

Closer and closer she drew me in. I knew if I didn’t back off, soon my lips would touch his shaft.

Jen told me to close my eyes and I did. I felt her shift and then her warm, wet mouth enveloped my dick, sliding all the way down to the base. It felt fantastic. She sucked me for a moment then pulled off and asked if that felt good. I opened my mouth to tell her yes but when I did she guided Bryan’s dick past my lips. Before I could protest she slipped my penis back into her mouth and moaned intensely. I froze where I was as she worked my shaft over using fingers and tongue. Then Bryan reached down and gently put his giant hand on the back of my head and encouraged me to take more of him. After hesitating just a moment, I did.

Jen must have had her eyes open watching me because I heard her moan again, this one more intense than the last, and her hand wrapped around Bryan’s shaft and she began pumping him into my mouth.

Just found you today. You tell great stories and you tell them very well. Thanks.

Thank you! I always appreciate any words of encouragement and I followed you as well. :-)

Happy Anniversary part 13

I looked up at the ceiling and digested her news. I was crushed. My perfect bride was only human after all. What do I do? I’m a thinker; I always put thought before emotion. Jen often gets frustrated with me about this. In anger she has accused me of being robotic, disconnected, cold. Now in the middle of all this upheaval I once again find myself thinking instead of feeling. I’m sure another man would have slapped her, broken things, tried to fight Bryan. A big, ugly question formed and I couldn’t even look at it. It didn’t go away so I faced it, and then spoke it.

“Do you love him? Are you falling in love with him?” My mouth was as dry as the moon.

Jennifer’s eyes grew big and tears dripped.

“Oh my god Baby, NO! You are the only man I love. I will always love only you. Bryan is just sex. Ask him. We talked about it. We understand. Sometimes you meet people and you are attracted to them. Bryan and I share lust. That’s all. He was hot to fuck me and I was hot to fuck him. You’ve always pushed me towards other men, encouraged me to flirt…remember Emerald Beach? Travis? That was quite a bit more than flirting. Then we get here and you tell me to really push things if I wanted to. Well, once I met Bryan, I wanted to. So I did. But I did thinking you’d know it was safe and part of our game. I admit it was a big step forward, but what the hell, ’Spirit of Adventure’, right? I love you. I always will. I’m not leaving you for Bryan. Bryan and I are just using each other for mind-blowing hot sex.”

I know her so well. I know her better than she knows herself. Her words were absolute truth. I believed her. I felt a knot in my gut relax a little. I looked at Bryan and he nodded an affirmation.

So once again I asked myself; now what do I do? Where do we go from here? I hadn’t discovered an affair, exactly. I had watched them fuck twice already today. All I had discovered was a deception, but, if I believed her, one she was trying to use to excite us both, like I had discovered her plans to throw me a surprise birthday party. Can I really get angry because she was keeping it a secret from me? This was complicated. One fact remained clear; she still loved me and I still loved her.

She slipped from my lap and stood, then leaned in to kiss me.

“Will you trust me?”

I studied her eyes and something I saw there convinced me I should. I nodded. She waved Bryan over and after a moment’s hesitation, he approached. Soon both of them were naked right in front of me.

“I have a Master’s degree in psychology,” Jennifer reminded me. “We all have our public face and our private face. Mark, I want you and I to always show each other our private face. I want the real you. Society and our parents do a lot of shaping, and that’s important, but parts of us are just born a certain way. We all have hard wiring. I have a theory about us and I’m so sure I’m right, I’m going to test it right now.”

She dropped to her knees and looked me in the eyes. She lifted Bryan’s plump dick and kissed the very tip of it.

“Jesus, Jen, not now. I’m still hurting Honey.”

She ignored me and teased the tip of his cock with the tip of her tongue. She pushed her tongue up the little hole at the end, then flattened her tongue against the shaft and lewdly licked a wide swath. In spite of everything that had just happened, my goddamned dick began to swell inside my trunks. Fucking Benedict Arnold. Jen saw it and smiled, triumphant. She opened her mouth wide and pulled his dick in. Above me I heard him sigh. She sucked hard as she slowly withdrew him until he was resting back in her palm again. He was inflating before my eyes.

“I’ve learned some things about you on this trip, Mark, or maybe instead I should say I’ve had suspicions confirmed. I’ve learned things about myself too. Going forward, as a happily married couple, I want us to admit and accept who we really are and what we really want. Life is too short. I want us to leave every façade we have created behind. Are you with me?”

I caught a glimpse of the world she was describing and my intuition told me she was right. I was floating above our previous life, looking down on it. I saw all the little ways we hid and pretended with each other. The new life she was offering was so attractive but also raw and scary. I wanted it but was fearful. Jen has always been more emotionally brave than I.

“I want it too…” My voice cracked.

Jen took another long, slow suck on Bryan’s cock and showed me her tongue swirling the tip when she got to the end. My dick jumped a little. She was so damned sexy. Her mouth on his manly dick was so erotic.

She stopped sucking long enough to tell me to get out of my clothes, which I hastily did, and then she pulled my head down to a nipple as she forced Bryan’s fat inches down her throat. After a moment or two she pulled my head up and kissed me deeply. I tasted his cock in her mouth and I was aroused at the same time I was repulsed, but I was aroused so much more. I was tasting evidence of my wife’s sexual improprieties and it turned me on. I can’t begin to tell you why or explain to you how it all worked. All I can do is admit to myself what I was feeling and then tell you the truth. Sounds simple, right? Try it.

She laughed once, clear and clean, and held his pillar up for examination.

“Can you see how beautiful this monster is?” She asked. “Can you see how I would be drawn to it, need to touch it, want it inside me?”

I gazed at Bryan’s meat, trying to see what she saw. It was impressive, I’ll admit. Any man would wish to own a cock like that. Jennifer pulled it down and moved it closer to my face. If I had stuck out my tongue I could have licked him. Bryan seemed completely unfazed having a man so close to his cock and I wondered if he has let men suck it. I looked up at him and he was smiling and looking down at us, the happily married couple, playing with his dick.

Jennifer went on.

“I can’t get enough of him Honey. Does that turn you on? Your sweet wife is actually a slut on the inside. Your sweet wife wants big, hunky Bryan to fuck her to death. She wants to feel herself wrapped around his throbbing shaft. She wants to feel him buried and throbbing up inside her body. She wants to please him so much he eventually can’t take anymore and his dick erupts inside her, filling her with his sperm. I’ve been repressing these thoughts and feelings all my life, even after I married a man that wanted me to share them, even to act on them. I realize now how fearful I’ve been. You want it and I want it. From now on, and especially on this anniversary vacation, I am acting on what I feel.”

A moan escaped me. Her words struck a deeply buried cord. I had not known this part of me ran so deep. She was right; it did turn me on. I couldn’t explain it but watching her with other men, her lusty sexuality on display, aroused me more than anything else. That she was behaving that way purely for herself just made it more exciting and real.

“I can’t resist him Baby. I toss and turn at night knowing he is right next door. He’s so handsome and manly. His body is so strong. His cock is too big for my little pussy and I love how it feels when he forces it in. I love that he wants me so badly he makes it fit. He takes what he wants from me.”

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